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Phone: (970) 744-4810 / Fax: (866) 654-2533

Related Professional Experience

Sponsor of the Mentor program for the Colorado Bar Association; provided substantial training to younger attorneys to assist them in developing courtroom skills and professionalism.

Sponsor in the intern program for the Denver Paralegal Institute; provided substantial training to paralegals to assist them in developing paralegal skills and professionalism.

Business Representative, Collaborative Decision Making Committee, Steele Elementary School, Denver, Colorado, self-governing committee, 1998-2000.

College Professor

Columbia College, Aurora, Colorado, and National College, Aurora, Colorado; taught courses in business law and history.

Legal Assistant to Commission, State Land Use Planning Commission for Alaska

Provided legal support for commissioners regarding preservation and use of national interest lands; generated legal opinions used at the highest levels of both federal and Alaska state government for decision-making regarding designation of federal lands within federal land management agencies, and allocation of lands to the State of Alaska and Alaska Native Corporations.

Project Manager, Legis-50, The Center for Legislative Improvement

Prepared educational seminar for state legislators on the contents of Federal Energy Act, and state legislature’s role under the Act.

Caucus Assistant, Indiana General Assembly

Provided information to legislators regarding impact of all bills in Public Health

and Environment, Roads and Transportation, Education, and other committees; prepared background materials for legislators on significant health legislation; drafted and issued press releases.

Teaching Assistant, Ball State University, Department of Political Science

Taught American government and foreign policy classes.

Precinct Committeeman, Marion County, Indiana

Elected to represent precinct at general elections, and to campaign for party candidates.