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Phone: (970) 744-4810 / Fax: (866) 654-2533

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Legal disputes are very disruptive to your life, and can linger for years as a cloud on your everyday life or business. Resolving disputes through the courts can also be catastrophically expensive. Many people have found that alternative dispute resolution, also called ADR, is a preferrable way to resolve disputes. There are two main forms of ADR, mediation and arbitration.

Mediation is a process where the parties ask a neutral third party to listen to both sides, and make suggestions on how to resolve the dispute. This is non-binding, and is sometimes called a settlement conference. This process can greatly reduce attorney fees and court costs, and cut short lengthy delays so you can get on with your life.

Arbitration normally is a process where the parties agree to have a neutral third party listen to all evidence, and render a binding decision, much like a judge would do after a trial. Some arbitrations are not binding, but in this state arbitrators render a binding decision that can be enforced like a judgment in the courts. The process is less formal, but still allows for full and fair presentation of evidence. Many businesses require arbitration, rather than a trial in the courts, in their contracts.

Mr. Seeger is a trained arbitrator and mediator, and can assist you with resolving your disputes without going to court.