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Phone: (970) 744-4810 / Fax: (866) 654-2533

Why should I have a lawyer for my business?

Many people ask why they should have a lawyer for their business. The simple answer is that doing business is often complicated, and a lawyer can help you to do business within the law.

Another very important reason is that most new and small businesses conduct business as a corporation or limited liability company. These entities create a firewall between you, as an individual, and your business and its liabilities. This limited liability is easily lost, so I can help you to preserve this critical protection from your business creditors.

If you have already made contracts or loans that have caused you to lose this protection, I can often improve your position when dealing with your creditors.

I like to keep people out of trouble, and avoid lawsuits, so I offer a reduced fee consultation for new clients. Please call me for a consultation, or to just to go over any legal matter that causes you concern.

Approved as originally drafted: Nevin A. Seeger, Esq.; Denver, Colorado
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