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What Can I Do to Help My Own Claim?

The first and most important thing you can do is to see your doctor or other medical provider regularly and to do exactly as they say. Be sure to let them know everything that is wrong with you or that hurts. This is not a time to be stoic and hide or minimize your symptoms. Also do not exaggerate them. Follow through with all medical appointments, and take all medications prescribed to you. Do not stop medical treatment or stop prescribed medications without talking to your doctor first. If you do not follow your doctor’s advice your Social Security disability claim may be denied just for that reason. If you miss a doctor’s appointment set up for you by the Social Security administration you should count on your claim being dismissed without further consideration. Be polite to any doctor that the Social Security administration sends you to see.

If you do not have a doctor you can contact the Colorado Department of Human Services and start the process of seeking help through them by calling or going to their web page. Their web page is:

Click on Services by County for your own county. There are several medical programs for the indigent available, such as CICP, and you may want to see what help you can get with that. Also check on Medicaid eligibility.

Here are a few other important things. If you smoke, stop. Your doctor can give you help with this difficult process. If you drink too much, cut down or stop. If you use illegal drugs, stop. All of these factors may be considered and go against you at the hearing. Ceasing to use marijuana, even though legal in Colorado, is recommended as far as having a federal judge look more favorably at your case. Consult your doctor first.

When you make a claim at any level of the process check to be sure all of your medical records are included in your file for consideration. It is not uncommon for your file to be missing one or more important medical records.

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